Saturday, April 11, 2009


While I completely understand if you, You, or even YOU may choose not to take on what I am here to offer, (which is completely understandable) I still welcome each and every individual reading this with not only an open mind, but heart. I am not here to judge, but understand.  Sometimes our insecurities or doubts lead us not to those close for questions to seek answers. We keep things bottled up inside because we choose not to share, or somebody worth enough to vent to. In many instances simply do not have anyone to share with. Regardless of your specific situation, I am here to help. How can I be of assistance? This is completely confidential except for the fact that because I want this not only to help you, but those who may be facing a simlilar problem... I will be doing  a sort of question and answer segment. In no way, shape or form will your identity EVER be given out. So, there is no need to go questioning your personal space or privacy. I am not here to embarass ANYBODY. All I ask for is your time, and the opportunity to give back to the community to those who may be facing some of the same struggles you are. I will be featuring your lives. It's all about YOU. Not only will I answer your questions at hand as best as I possibly can, but also in consideration to what's best versus what sounds good. I will in other words be keeping it real. PLEASE. Submit your questions or concerns to I can't wait to hear from you all! I am just an email away. 


  1. omg i love this, and i love the fact that you are so willing to help people, thats all i ever wanted to do it help people and i will, but sometimes i have questions too! i will def be sending an email, this is really a good thing seiko, you have a good heart!

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  3. honestly, you're a real ass bitch [excuse tha language]..but that's real shit. sometimes ppl just need to hear what's real from a uninvolved unbias third party individual, some ppl don't see how stupid some shit is until somebody they don't really know recognizes real and let's them know. ---so of course i'm following your blog just cuz i like how you think, my nigga.


  4. Whats happenin Ms. Seiko?

    I respect you like no other lady. You have street smarts, the heart of an Angel and the face of a goddess. I love what you do and how you do it. Much love and big respect.


  5. Wow! Thats a very selfless snd honorable thing to offer/do...*applause* people don't things like this often enough!

    Not sure how I stummbled across your blog...but I'll def be back to read more!