Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weird Dough

Once Upon A Time...An idea was conceived and birthed on a day like any other in the midst of sunny L.A. 2008 after breathing in some natural smog. Naturally, my mind went sky high and just like any other cool kid who loved the natural chill, laid back lifestyle and look with a taste of originality... A simple yet concise idea became reality and the lights began to flicker as the thinking cap began to pay its dues. With places like the infamous Melrose, vintage shops and the endless boutiques selling their neat t-shirts, inspiration magically appeared to make dreams come true. Although she never knew how to draw on a professional level, her creative skills, vision and diverse culture allowed her to reach for the stars. Chillin' like a villian, thinking of a master plan. . . It was then discovered. Anyone who is someone meaning EVERYBODY has been referred to as a "weird-do.ugh" whether as a playful gesture or a down right insult. Nevertheless, we've all been there, even if it was said behind one's back. (Trust me. I know these things) Regardless of the specifics, we can all relate. Thus, the meaning of it all became clear. (This is not for the ordinary, so if you for some reason or another find yourself to be of such sort... Then, please excuse yourself now. Clearly this is NOT the place for you.) "I only get weird-do.ugh on days that end in y." (Get it? I knew you would.) Being born and raised in a city like Los (Angel)e(s) allows you the freedom and right to be who YOU want to be. Just because you've been called a weird-o.ugh once or twice, or maybe even more depending on the indivIdual doesn't mean harm but simply that you are different and this my friend is a good thing, unless of course your efforts are in vain. (Tisk. Tisk.) In hopes of going as far as possible with this movement because after all, the sky is the limit... Don't be afraid of the lifestyle that you so clearly love and support, and most of all deserve. After all, it's tattood. Yours truly,... street brand label founder. . .


  1. This was kool =). Unique and somewhat poetic! luvd it!

  2. When I move to LA next year, I think i'll cop a couple of those ;-D.

    Do ya'll carry them in 10x ?? Haha!!