Monday, September 7, 2009

Check IT Out !

Check out this new video! Either copy & paste the link or simply go to YouTube. It's the first video at the top, Priscilla Renea - Dollhouse - YouTube Music Tuesday Premiere. Not only is this new chick from Capital Records hella' dope, but MY boy Cal' Daddy Mf'n Newman is featured. Show some love & support! The video is hot. . . & he is looking GOOD.


  1. I'm sorry if you find this to be too personal, so if you do it's alright if you don't answer it. But are you and Cal. Newman still together?

  2. i love priscilla renea. she's amazing. a very talented artist.

  3. I loved it. Something very different and her outfit was nice. Favorite part was when she was on top of the car and he starts spazzing out on her.

  4. nice blog!!

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    *brown is beautifuL*