Sunday, February 15, 2009


I caught the 5:15 p.m show at the Aliante Station to see Coraline. Not my idea of fun, but I was taking my boyfriend's little cousins to go see it...and I would do ANYTHING for them. From what I was told, the same people who created "The Nightmare Before Christmas" made this movie. I may have been misinformed, but I am not quite sure about that one. Now, I usually wouldn't go speaking on a movie I went to go see unless it was simply GREAT. The movie was fair, and I wouldn't tell anyone not to go see it because I am by NO means a hater. BUT, I will say that who ever was responsible for writing this film is questionable of being a bigot, or in lighter terms... prejudice. My reason for feeling this way is because there was a little boy in the 3-D animated extraordinaire named, "Whyborn". I wish I were blowing things completely out of proportion. This is not the case. The main character was (ahem) a little Caucasian girl who at a couple of points in time during the movie poked fun at him calling him, "Why were you born". The little boy was African American. It didn't take a rocket scientist to be able to figure out that his name was exactly how it sounded. I felt ashamed to be sitting in a movie that was made for kids... wanting to walk out at that very moment in time. Sadly, I stayed. Like I said, it wasn't that bad of a movie, but all that extra name calling was uncalled for, period. To make matters worse, the little boy's grandmother was raising him. I am almost positive everyone knows someone whose grandparent(s) raised them, but we also all know why. Sometimes unfortunately, it does happen to be because something has happened to the parents. Usually, but not always, this is not the case. Out of embarrassment, the little boy told the little girl to call him, "Whybe". I can't speak for anyone else, but I even feel the nickname sounds bad. Once again, it's self explanatory. Animated movies have always had their subliminal perks, but this one just isn't cool. . .


  1. just sad smh and they made it clearly obvious what they were doing by adding the grandmother raised him.

  2. oh wow, yea thats not good at all, its filling our younger generation's head with thoughts of inferiority already.. smh

  3. I watched this movie about two months ago, and I never picked up on that. Very good observation and definitely an eye opener. Thanks for that post Seiko!