Monday, February 23, 2009

...uh oh. . . Here comes trouble.

Based on actual events, , , Forgive me for using such foul language. You should in no way, shape or form ever take them offensively. Thank you and have a nice day. (0;


  1. i so agree wit u especially when u said when they ask u hi how u doin like u cant even get it on dude on the nxt question

    as soon as u said that im like hell yea. grl dudes kill me these days half the time they dont even be lookin in ya face

    one other thing is they b like uhh u got a man and u b like yea i do blah blah blah then nigga b like u want a friend i b like i dont need any friends and ughhh it be sooo annoyin at the time but after i tell somebody i b laughin cuz it b funny

  2. I relate.. trust i understand... like damn keep it movin...The sun havn't even came up yet and your ass is tryna holla... shit nigga can the day start

  3. fuck!! play da shit outta all niggas lol ... you gon ALWAYS have shit to do, shit, erybody do ... so i wanna ask you, and whatever other chicks on here ... when IS the right time to holla at u and see whas REALLY good. real talk doe ...

    on another note, u never know WHO is who! time is money, and i feel dat, but shit, u never saw a muhfucka and be like DAMN, that muhfucka HOT, and then think, shit, if iont say shit now, i might not ever see dis muhfucka another day in mah life??? maybe im crazy